Eurometal S.A. purchases a third SECO/WARWICK furnace

Eurometal S.A. purchased a third SECO/WARWICK furnace. This solution will be used by the only rolling mill currently in operation in Poland. 
The new equipment will consist of a Vortex® furnace for aluminum coil annealing equipped with an external cooling system. The furnace is adapted for operation under a nitrogen protective atmosphere.
Thanks to the proprietary jet flow technology, the SECO/WARWICK Vortex aluminum coil annealing furnace combined with an optional by-pass cooler for cooling under a nitrogen atmosphere and SeCoil® enables aluminum coil manufacturers to significantly shorten the production cycle. As a result, this design produces energy savings, increases productivity and improves the surface quality of the processed coils. The key feature of the system is the increased heat-transfer coefficient achieved thanks to directing the atmosphere at high speed simultaneously on both sides of the coil.
Vortex is a heat treatment technology that can improve process efficiency by up to 30% in comparison with conventional annealing systems. At the same time, the furnace ensures very high process quality characterized by the uniformity of material properties, minimizing local cracks and eliminating burnt rolling oil residues.
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