EVAPCO built a new cooling tower for the same space

Downtown Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin House needed an HVAC overhaul but, like most historic buildings, had no room to expand. EVAPCO reached into its archives for the specs of the building’s original cooling tower and created a more powerful, up-to-date version for the same space, making the installation process easier for Elliott-Lewis Corporation.

The building needed a new cooling tower that met current requirements—yet had the same footprint and greater capacity. Engineers were called in to tackle the design, and Elliott-Lewis Corporation, which has served Philadelphia for a century, was chosen to install the new cooling solution.

EVAPCO retrieved the design from their archives and built a new one to meet all the requirements for the project, including a sharply increased cooling demand, while maintaining the same footprint. EVAPCO’s solution increased the system’s cooling capacity on the heat pump loop from about 565 tons to 675 tons, without sacrificing space.

The original galvanized material was replaced by stainless steel, ensuring durability and a long lifespan. The addition of a custom fiber acoustic base for the tower ensured that the new unit was fully up to code.

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