Future-proof and compact: new precision cooling

Following current trends in telecom and IT cooling, Kaltra has announced Compact CW chilled water cooling units in an ultra-compact design with enclosure depth as small as 490mm. The range includes 5 enclosure sizes, from 585 to 1885mm, delivering cooling capacities from 5 to 65kW. 
As standard, cooling units equipped with EC-motor radial fans, high-performance evaporators, while offering plenty of options, counting air intake and discharge plenums in various configurations, flow control by 2-way or 3-way regulating valves, heaters and humidifiers, safety accessories, 50 and 60Hz power supply, and network interfaces. Being so compact, the new units are still full-featured precision air conditioners.
Compact CW available in three airflow configurations: Downflow, with air suction from the top and bottom discharge; Downflow with frontal air discharge; and Upflow, with frontal air suction and discharge from the unit top. The units feature removable panels, simplifying routine checks and maintenance. It is designed especially for IT applications. Compact CW handles with intake air temperatures of as high as 45°C and chilled water temperatures delta of 10°C, as standard.
For new installations or retrofit onto existing systems, Compact CW enables precise thermal performance, reduces stresses in operation, works at lower noise output, and requires minimum power input.
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