Global Energy Committee participate in MPEI colloquium

On the 27th and 29th of May MPEI was visited by the members of Global Energy Prize International Award Committee and Deputy Head of Global Energy Association, Alexander Ignatov. In the framework of the visit, guests took part in the colloquium that was organized in order to popularize technical sciences and attract young scientists to the issues of global power engineering.

On the first day, the reports were presented by Honorary Director General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Adnan Amin and Managing Director of Asia Renewables, Head of Greenpower Fuels, Director of the Conchubar Infrastructure Fund William Byun.

Adnan Amin reported on the stimulation of transport sector transformation. William Byun, on his turn, spoke about the energy-related issues facing Tropical Asia and the Arctic, as well as about the potential of this region.

On the 29th of May, 2012 Global Energy Prize laureate, International Award Committee member, Honorable Doctor of MPEI Rodney John Allam presented a report on the ”Allam Cycle” to the participants of the colloquium.

After the speech of professor Allam a group of young scientists from MPEI made a report on the results of the project development, aimed on creating science-technique impact for the oxygen-fuel power engineering stations that is realized under the financial support of Russian Scientific Foundation. The results of the development and research of unique designs of a multithreaded high-temperature regenerative heat exchanger, a cooled high-temperature supercritical carbon dioxide turbine, and a high-pressure oxygen-fuel combustion chamber for the Allam cycle were presented. Methods of intensification of heat transfer for plate heat exchangers operating at high pressure and temperature levels, approaches to increasing the efficiency of convective-film cooling of high-temperature gas turbine blades, and ways to ensure stable combustion of the oxygen-fuel mixture in supercritical carbon dioxide were considered in detail.

The report of young scientists provoked a lively discussion and was highly esteemed by Dr. Allam. In his opinion, the results obtained of research could be a scientific base for creating first Russian oxygen-fuel power complexes that produce no pollution.

The colloquium was concluded by the report on ”Hydrogen Power. Autonomous Power Systems on the fuel elements for drones and robots”, presented by Dr.Sc. professor Sergey Nefedkin.

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