Goodway with Multistack® offer safe cleaning solutions

Goodway Technologies, a manufacturer of innovative industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions, recently announced a partnership with Multistack® LLC, an industry leader in modular chiller systems. The partnership offers customers a safe cleaning solution for ensuring heat transfer and efficiencies remain optimal.

Multistack modular chillers utilize brazed plate heat exchangers to transfer energy (heat) with high efficiency and minimal thermal loss. When operating with hard water or high temperatures, scale deposits derived from minerals within a water source may fall out of suspension and plate onto the heat transfer surfaces. These deposits increase the pressure drop and insulate the heat transfer surface, decreasing the heat exchanger efficiency. As scaling accumulates, it can also act as a breeding ground for particulate fouling and even can create a microclimate for corrosion.

Goodway Technologies ScaleBreak®-MP is a unique blend of citric acid with corrosion inhibitors and wetting and penetrating agents. It offers excellent cleaning results and speed without compromising the long-term integrity of equipment base metals.

Goodway has developed a calculator to help determine the correct amount of ScaleBreak-MP required for cleaning a Multistack chiller.

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