HC Petroleum developed the titanium heat exchanger

In order to meet the special needs of the customer, HC technical team has developed a titanium heat exchanger, which is mainly made of high-quality titanium tubes, with high heat transfer efficiency and excellent corrosion resistance. In practical application, the heat transfer effect of heat exchanger is closely related to material and process characteristics, so special attention should be paid to the selection of manufacturing materials and welding process.

Titanium tube has many advantages, such as light weight, high tensile strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, compared with other structural materials, titanium heat exchanger is able to work under extreme temperature and harsh environment and has a long service life, which can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of user.

Titanium heat exchanger of HC Petroleum Equipment has the characteristics of small size and strong heat transfer capacity, which can reduce the investment and operating cost of relevant equipment (such as a pump) to the greatest extent.

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