HM35 INU: An inverter-based multi-purpose heating unit

The HM35 INU is an inverter-based multi-purpose heating unit, utilizing induction coils or heating resistors in pre-heating, PWHT, shrink-fitting, and other heating applications. 
It is a portable and lightweight unit, weighing only 11 kg. As such, it is very useful to take on remote jobs as it is easy to handle and transport.
Heatmasters temperature control system allows for step-less manual and semi-automatic heating power adjustment options, ensuring an accurate heat treatment process.
Induction heating permits a fast and smooth heating process, and the coils are extremely easy to install, even in small spaces. Alternatively, it is also possible to use heat resistors.
Depending on the size of the workpiece, one or two heating units are used.
Induction coils or resistors are attached on both sides of the weld seam and when using only one heating unit, they are connected in series with a jumper cable.
Each unit has a power output of 3,5kW, with max temperatures of 750°C utilizing induction heating and 1050°C with resistance heating.
Finally, the unit is easily powered anywhere with a single phase 230V plug.
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