HRS to showcase heat transfer solutions at Foodex 2020

At Foodex 2020, HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase its range of heat exchangers and turnkey food processing systems aimed at eliminating heat transfer challenges for viscous food products.

HRS offers two patented technologies for scraped surface heat transfer, both of which are particularly suited to viscous products. The reciprocating Unicus Series is ideal for applications where fouling or low heat transfer is a limiting factor. The gentle movement of the scrapers allows the Unicus to be used with delicate products, such as whole fruit or vegetable pieces, without destroying the product integrity.

The R Series is a traditional rotating scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) which can reach velocities of up to 300rpm, resulting in very high levels of shear and dramatically increasing the heat transfer rate. Ideal for viscous food products such as condensed milk, tomato purees, and nut butters.

Besides heat exchangers, HRS offers a wide range of food processing systems. The Thermblock AS and DTA Series are packaged pasteurizers and sterilizers for food products. The AS is suited to products with high viscosity without particulates, such as tomato paste, pizza sauce, soups, and jams; whilst the DTA works with viscous sauces and purees with particulates.

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