Hydroniq Coolers secures frame agreement from Framo

Framo has entered into a frame agreement with Hydroniq Coolers, appointing them to supply tube coolers for integration into Framo’s hydraulic pump units destined for medium range (MR) tankers. These tube coolers play a crucial role in cooling the oil within Framo’s hydraulic pumps, enhancing the efficiency of cargo pumping systems deployed across a diverse range of tanker vessels.

The initial phase of the frame agreement has seen Framo placing orders for ten tube coolers. Hydroniq Coolers will undertake the manufacturing and assembly of these tube coolers at their headquarters in Ellingsøy, Norway. Subsequently, the completed units will be delivered to the Framo Fusa manufacturing plant, situated southeast of Bergen, Norway, where marine pumping systems are produced.

This partnership underscores Framo’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its clients, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in their cargo pumping systems. Through this collaboration, Hydroniq Coolers further solidifies its position as a trusted provider of cooling solutions within the maritime industry, reinforcing a shared dedication to innovation and excellence.

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