Hydroniq shipped Pleat delivery to Hordafor

After receiving a request from Norwegian shipowner Hordafor, Hydroniq Coolers prepared and shipped two of its Pleat seawater coolers to the vessel owner. 
Hordafor required the Pleat seawater coolers to urgently replace the existing heat plate exchangers that were used for seawater cooling onboard another vessel.
Marine cooling systems are utilized to reduce temperatures in the ships’ engines and other auxiliary systems through the use of seawater.
Hordafor is a player within handling and processing of by-products from the Norwegian aquaculture and fisheries industries. The shipowner has its own vessels for shipping by-product and finished products such as marine oils and proteins.
The Pleat is a module-based titanium cooler for seawater to freshwater, with design pressure 6 bars and a design temperature of 0 95°C.
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