Hydroniq to deliver seawater cooler to wind farm SOV

Cemre Shipyard has contracted Hydroniq Coolers to deliver a hull-integrated seawater cooling system for a wind farm service operation vessel (SOV) the Turkish shipyard is building for an undisclosed customer.

Under the contract, Hydroniq Coolers will deliver its Rack seawater cooling solution that will be integrated in the hull below the main engine room of the vessel. Marine cooling systems are utilized to reduce temperatures in the ships’ engines and other auxiliary systems through the use of seawater.

The Rack seawater cooler offers several operational and economic advantages compared with traditional plate heat exchangers. The system provides a simplified and short pipeline for seawater and has very low-pressure loss which reduces energy consumption for seawater pumps and thus lowers fuel consumption.

The new SOV has been designed by Salt Ship Design. According to Salt Ship Design, the vessel will be 83 metres long with a beam of 19.4 metres, and will be equipped with a dynamic motion compensated gangway system, accommodation facilities, and unique on-board logistic solutions.

Hydroniq Coolers delivers marine cooling solutions to vessels that operate within offshore, shipping, cruise, passenger transport, fishery and fish farming.

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