HyGear provides PEM electrolyzer for eMethanol project

HyGear will deliver a 1.25-MW electrolyzer with proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology for the production of H2 that will be used in the eMethanol project.

The project aims to develop technology for producing eMethanol, a sustainable fuel alternative to conventional fuels for heavy-duty transport, including ships and aviation. Spanning four years, the project anticipates producing its first batch of renewable methanol by Q3 of 2025.

In this consortium, HyGear (Arnhem) is providing a 1-MW electrolyzer with PEM technology that will produce H2 through electrolysis, Bright Renewables (Enschede) is developing the methanol reactor technology, and the University of Twente (Enschede) is researching heat exchange, vital for the process.

The system with a capacity of 500 tpy of grade AA eMethanol will be constructed at the site of HyGear in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This eMethanol system can capture electricity directly, helping to reduce grid congestion.

By 2030, it is projected that 2.1 megatons of biogenic CO2 will be available for use. Additionally, decentralizing production directly at end-user sites cuts down on transportation, further enhancing the system’s efficiency and sustainability.

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