Inproheat sign a partnership with Omega Thermo Products

Inproheat Industries Ltd. announced a new partnership with Omega Thermo Products. Omega Thermo Products is a heat exchanger design specialist that boasts the largest group of Laser Plate heat exchangers available. The innovative qualities of the Omega Thermo Products approach to heat exchangers allows for significant product customization and superior heat transfer capabilities. Inproheat is eager to work with Omega Thermo Products to further grow its industrial customer base in Canada.

As part of this agreement, Inproheat will represent Omega Thermo Products in Western Canada, with a product emphasis on Laser Plate heat exchangers, including Immersion Plates, Tank Clamp-On Plates, Plate Bank Assemblies, Bayonet and Suction Heaters, Heat Recovery Plate Banks, and Custom Fabricated Assemblies.

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