Kaltra expands its dry cooler portfolio with Bora XL

Kaltra announced its next range of dry coolers based on recently engineered Versa platform. Versa is a shared set of innovative engineering, major components, and production efforts over a number of the distinct, full-size chiller, condenser, and dry cooler ranges. Kaltra’s equipment based on Versa platform characterized by high flexibility, significantly lower manufacturing costs, and enables easy customization and adaptation to the customer-specific application and requirements.

Bora XL is the most advanced while at the same time economy solution available on the market, and stand out for high performance and reliability, robust design, and wide operating envelope ranging from extreme cold and heat to harsh, polluted environments.

As a single or multiple circuit system, Bora XL series dry coolers are suitable for a wide range of applications, be it industrial or district cooling or chilled water plants.

The product innovations include microchannel heat exchangers of reduced volume and made from advanced aluminum alloys for long service life, low-noise electronically commutated (EC) fans with lightweight composite impellers and advanced control system which optimizes unit power consumption.

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