Kaori develops large-scale In-Row 800kW L/L CDU

Ensuring optimal heat dissipation in a data center is crucial for peak performance and longevity. Efficient cooling systems help maintain a stable temperature, preventing hardware from overheating and ensuring seamless operations.

In addition to being used in chillers, heat pumps, refrigeration and refrigeration equipment, and fuel cells, plate heat exchangers are also an indispensable core component of the data center cooling system.

Kaori’s independently developed large-scale In-Row 800kW L/L (Liquid to Liquid) CDU (Coolant Distribution Unit) enhances liquid cooling efficiency for servers and D2C (direct to chip) cold-plate cabinets. Such a design not only optimizes space utilization but also offers robust heat dissipation capabilities, effectively managing the heat output from multiple cabinets’ server trays.

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