Kapp extends membership with HTRI

The HTRI is the institute in ‘the’ field of software for the development of heat exchangers and the simulation of processes in which heat transfer plays a role. That is why the institute is Kapp’s most important research, knowledge, and software partner. Kapp has been a proud member of the HTRI for years. 
The company conducts heat transfer and fluid flow studies at a multimillion-dollar testing facility in Navasota, Texas, USA. The HTRI has been supporting companies all over the world in the design, manufacture and maintenance of heat exchangers for decades.
The HTRI conducts advanced experimental research in the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industry. Analysis is supplemented with computer-simulated fluid dynamics and quantitative flow visualization. In addition, the institute tests heat exchangers on an industrial scale, assesses the pollution properties of crude oil and petroleum products, and conducts certification tests for the HVAC sector.
Kapp’s membership was recently extended with 3 years.
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