Kelvion expands its production in North American market

The Kelvion manufacturing site at The Port of Catoosa is expanding to meet the growing demand in the North American market. Kelvion, formerly known as GEA Rainey, has been in continual operation since 1964 and has a long history and extensive expertise in the heat transfer industry.

In the upcoming months, Kelvion’s Catoosa facility, which has four locations at The Port, will be refurbished and equipped with robotic welding equipment. This new investment will also require hiring people for new jobs in Welding, Quality, and Assembly. Kelvion has placed an order for the robotic welding equipment and is scheduled to begin manufacturing a new product outside of its traditional base at the beginning of 2022.

Kelvion’s new manufacturing will require an additional 60 jobs within the next 14 months and another 60 by 2024.

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