Kelvion refines K°Bloc for further enhancement

Kelvion has refined the K°Bloc fully-welded plate heat exchanger to further enhance its reliability and efficiency. Designed and made in Germany, K°Bloc plays a role in Kelvion’s package of sustainable solutions, working across a broad range of liquids, temperatures, and pressures. It is ideally suited to the demands of the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries for separating mixtures of oil, water, and solids. 
K°Bloc offers several unique benefits: (1) K°Bloc is available in various materials and different plate corrugations. (2) Unique comb technology and the reinforced corner design make it suitable for high temperature and pressure process applications up to 50 barg and 400°C. (3) High heat transfer rates allow compact K°Bloc designs. (4) Reduced total installation cost thanks to the higher recirculation rate and a lower static head.
The values of Kelvion customers are reflected in the K°Bloc values: high efficiency, robustness & reliability, high corrosion resistance, low maintenance requirements, flexibility & compactness as well as a trustworthy partner.
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