Kyoto and Høglund offer battery management for Heatcube

Kyoto Group’s thermal battery concept, the Heatcube is getting closer to its first commercial application at Nordjyllandsværket (NJV) in Aalborg, Denmark. Kyoto’s Heatcube, with a storage capacity of 18MWh and a discharge load of 4MW, will use electricity in off-peak hours to charge and deliver heat to the local district heating system and help reduce the carbon footprint of the NJV power plant. The design is a product of rigorous research and development by Kyoto and its engineering partners over the past 2,5 years and represents a highly applicable solution for a more sustainable future.

Høglund Marine Solutions will provide full battery management and integration of the pumps’, heaters’ and storage tanks’ controls into one overarching automation system.

Høglund was approached by the Kyoto group with a request to design and deliver an integrated automation and battery management system to support the installation in Aalborg.

In addition to the battery management, tailormade for this application, Høglund has implemented interfaces to the various control and monitoring systems, delivered by Kyoto’s partners.

The aim is to have the system in operation in Q1 2023.

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