Manchester University helps UK achieve net zero targets

Led by Dr Amir Keshmiri, a team of experts at The University of Manchester have received government funding to help recover hydrogen for clean energy use alongside Powerhouse Energy Plc. This project will develop and validate a novel and inexpensive game-changing hydrogen separation technique that builds upon Powerhouse Energy’s expertise in waste treatment and the international track-record of Dr Amir Keshmiri’s team in fluid dynamics and thermochemical analysis.

This potential breakthrough in advanced thermal treatment to recover hydrogen from unrecyclable wastes could make a significant contribution to the UK’s net zero targets and reduce project costs compared to existing recovery methods.

Alongside being “greener and cheaper”, this new technology would be an important asset to help secure UK energy security at a time of major crisis and uncertainly.

It is hoped that through the rapid development and commercialisation of this invention, the collaboration will directly support achieving the UK government’s Low Carbon Hydrogen Strategy’s 5GW installed capacity target by 2030.

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