MHI Thermal Systems receives award for MSV2 Series

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (MHI Thermal Systems) was presented with the “Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Commissioner’s Award” for the MSV2 series of air-cooled heat pump chillers. It was in recognition of its coefficient of performance (COP) achieved through a combination of the newly developed “e-3D scroll” compressor and other proprietary technologies. The awards ceremony was held on January 27. 
The MSV2 series comprises four models ranging from 40 to 70 horsepower (hp). These units incorporate the “e-3D scroll” compressor, a more advanced version of the “3D scroll” compressor that compresses the refrigerant from all directions. Modification to the scroll shape has significantly reduced leakage loss, and provided gain in efficiency at low loads. In addition, the use of a large fan, long bell mouth, and small-diameter hairpin air heat exchanger provide 20% greater power efficiency compared to previous models. Further, this series offers approximately 55% energy reduction compared to absorption-type heating/cooling units.
The ECCJ Energy Conservation Grand Prize Awards recognize energy-saving initiatives at businesses or workplaces that serve as examples for other companies, or energy-saving products and business models. It aims to contribute to the realization of an energy-saving society by raising energy conservation awareness throughout Japan and promoting the adoption of energy-saving products.
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