Micropower Europe secures order for C800 series

Capstone Green Energy Corporation announced that Micropower Europe S.L. has secured an order for a C800 Signature Series with a Micropower biogas treatment unit and four heat recovery modules. The unit will be operated at a landfill to produce electricity for waste management and recycling operations. It is expected to be commissioned in October 2023.

The modularity of Capstone’s C800S turbine design is one of the primary reasons the customer chose this product. In addition, Capstone units integrate well with other technologies, such as the heat recovery units, which will eliminate leachate at the site and protect the water table in a sensitive and remote area. Because the microturbine will be installed in a remote area, the minimal maintenance needs were another important factor in choosing Capstone. Finally, the Capstone microturbine operates predictably on different qualities of biogas. This is particularly important when using gas from the landfill, which is composed of many different gases in varied concentrations.

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