MIT-BE series Shell & Tube Evaporators Bulletin

Ekin, with its MIT brand, maintains leadership in the cooling systems industry through revolutionary technological solutions in Shell & Tube Evaporators and Condensers.
MIT-BE series Shell & Tube Evaporators, designed for a wide range of applications, ensure effective results with high energy efficiency and sustainability.
The specially developed MIT-BE series evaporators enhance energy efficiency through the use of internally grooved copper Shell & Tubes, promoting long-term energy savings.
The expert engineering team of Ekin meticulously examines every detail of Shell & Tube Evaporators, offering the industry the MIT Selection Program, which assesses operational performance under variable conditions.
The globally preferred MIT-BC and MIT-BCM series Condensers, produced in Aksaray Manufacturing Hub with advanced technology, bring about a revolution in refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

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