mycon creates possibilities for the use of JetMaster

An additional blasting device also makes it possible to clean e.g. built-in oil coolers in locomotives gently, quickly and thoroughly at full depth within a few minutes. The effort required for manual cleaning is considerably reduced compared to previous cleaning methods. This protects and preserves the manpower of the employee responsible for cleaning.

There are sensitive working areas in which the increased noise level is disturbing. mycon has developed sound insulation measures especially for these areas, which are installed directly on the blast gun and considerably reduce the sound level. As a result, the application range of the JetMaster process has been further extended.

The JetMaster system operates at high airflow rates. This results when used without soundproofing element in an increased noise level. This sound level depends on the jet nozzle used and the pressure of the compressed air and can be between 90 and 115 dB. The operator must, therefore, wear hearing protection during cleaning. However, the noise level decreases considerably as the distance to the blasting gun increases.

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