New-gen Lightstream Evo to be unveiled in April 2024

Kaltra completes its portfolio of air-cooled units with third-generation Lightstream Screw Evo.

Lightstream Screw Evo is the first range based on the new Evo platform, which involves last-generation compressors, hybrid falling film evaporators, twin-slab microchannel condenser coils with dedicated subcooler, new, state-of-the-art software — all aimed to improve energy efficiency.

New units are engineered as dual refrigerant circuit systems and empowered by CSH.6 screw compressors designed for improved seasonal efficiency and feature stepless mechanical capacity regulation. Suitable refrigerants include R513a, R1234ze(E), R450a, and R134a.

Twin-slab condenser design reduces the number of required condensers, making Lightstream Screw Evo more compact and lightweight.

Hybrid falling-film evaporator combines the advantages of a flooded heat exchanger but significantly reduces refrigerant charge (up to 50%) in comparison to the latter.

New chillers have been outfitted with an all-new, lightweight frame that enables roof/gantry installation and provides easy access to unit components for routine maintenance.

Lightstream Screw Evo will be available for order starting from April 2024.

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