NL100M: Ideal for brewing, dairy and oil & steam apps

In brewing, the gap width of a heat exchanger depends on the type of beer being produced. Simple, top-fermented beers require coolers with gaps of around 3mm, which are too narrow for well-hopped varieties. The turbidity would unreliably pass the cooler and lead to a complete blockage.

Enter the new NL100M plate, the big brother to the NL80M plate, which is available in Titanium as well for ultra-purity and cleanliness. The NL100M plate now offers the ideal compromise between flexibility and efficiency. With a gap width of approx. 4.15mm, it provides enough space to allow strongly-hopped media to pass through and also provides improved heat transfer, compared to plates with even bigger gap width or wide gap patterns.

The advantages of reducing the gap width to approx. 4.15mm are a significant improvement in heat transfer in the double-digit percentage range and lower energy consumption. Customers benefit from a good heat transfer rate, less build-up of fouling, and extended production times.

Also, the NL100M is ideal for a wide range of dairy products.

Furthermore, the NL100M is suitable for oil and steam and glycol applications where a low-pressure drop is the limiting factor.

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