ORLEN upgrades with new steam cracker boiler plant

ORLEN Unipetrol continues modernising its chemical facility in Záluží near Litvínov. To gradually meet the targets within its low-emission strategy, the company replaced the current boiler plant for the steam cracker’s operations with a brand-new gas boiler plant. The total investment reached CZK 1.2bn.
The new steam cracker boiler plant contains two high-pressure oil-and-gas boilers. Each can generate up to 105 tonnes of high-pressure steam per hour. Their efficiency is by about 3% higher than the current heat source. The latest equipment for emission reduction has helped decrease the dust emissions by 50% and NOx emissions by 70%. ORLEN Unipetrol currently meets the requirements set out by Czech and EU air-protection legislation, including the stricter emissions limits based on the EU document entitled Best Available Techniques Conclusions for Large Combustion Plants, which became effective in August 2021.
New heating plant facts and figures: The total amount of concrete: 2,000 m3; The total amount of steelwork: 744 t; The total weight of one boiler: 225 t; The total weight of installed piping: 224 t; The total length of installed cables: 100 km.
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