Pfannenberg develops six chillers with high-quality

With its EB 2.0 L series, production safety specialist Pfannenberg has developed six chillers with high-quality equipment that are tailored to the advanced cooling requirements of compact industrial applications. As of now, the new series replaces and extends the devices of the previous EB Large series. Apart from a higher cooling performance, the new devices are provided with various additional features such as hydraulic safety equipment, filter monitoring, and remote-controlled ON/OFF switch.

Optionally, the devices are available with industrial interfaces, bus and Ethernet interfaces as well as with UL508a-certification and accessories for operation with air-water heat exchangers.

The larger Pfannenberg chillers now also feature condensers with micro-channel technology allowing for a more compact design but above all for a considerable reduction of the refrigerant demand by up to 70%. The standard devices of the EB 2.0L series can be used at temperatures of between +15°C and +45°C.

The cooling media to be used are water or water/glycol mixtures. Outdoor units suitable for use at temperatures from –25°C to +15°C are available.

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