Polish government supports geothermal project revamp

Following news on the unfortunate case of an unproductive well drilled for a planned geothermal project in Poland, the Polish government is now supporting a revamp of the project as a hybrid project. 
The plan is to use a deep-borehole heat exchanger. The heat pump attached will be powered with a solar PV installation. With that, the hope is to revamp the project and deliver renewable energy fuelled district heating.
The Sekowa project drilled a well, Sekowa GT-1 to a depth of 3,000 meters in Gmina Sekowa, Gorlice, Poland. The well was drilled by Exalo Drilling. The drilling was co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.
The target for the project was to extract water with a temperature of around 60°C and a capacity of 40-70 cubic meters. Various partners then evaluated ways to utilize the well drilled for heating purposes nevertheless. The target is to derive heat generated from the heat pumps to deliver 60 degrees C water for use nearby. With that hybrid approach sufficient hot water can be produced for buildings, a recreational center, which includes swimming pools in Sekowa.