PSW builds an E-House module for Siemens Energy

PSW Power & Automation is building an E-House module for Siemens Energy to be used for direct electric heating (DEH) of an offshore pipeline. Under the contract, the company will deliver the complete 120 MT E-House module including an integrated high-voltage room, local equipment room (LER), HVAC, seawater cooling system and fire protection. According to PSW, the module is designed and certified for installation offshore and includes complete structural design, electrotechnical installation and integration of the Siemens Energy DEH system and incorporates an integrated laydown deck.

The assembly and testing of the module will be carried out in PSW Power & Automation’s facilities at Ågotnes, Norway.

DEH systems are designed to control, compensate and balance the single-phase electrical load that the gas pipeline and the piggyback cable constitute.

Each of the systems is customized to the power requirements and electrical properties of the specified subsea load, in both “heat-up” and “maintain heat” mode. The systems are designed to be optimally tuned at any load condition to ensure an excellent power factor, low harmonic feedback, and to have low negative sequence current.

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