Pump testing at the factory using Tranter’s SUPERMAX®

In a thermal power plant, Boiler Feed Pump (BFP) is one of the most critical auxiliary equipment playing a crucial role in a core application area. BFPs are fine-tuned to contribute qualitatively to meet the ever-increasing demands for higher Power generation output worldwide.

Due to its criticality and high level of reliability, Pump testing at factory becomes an essential requirement. The role of the pump test is to verify the operating and performance data, to check functional reliability, identify ways for improving and advancing products. In order to meet this arduous requirement leading to precise results, the Pump manufacturers rely on Tranter Make SUPERMAX Welded Heat exchangers.

Tranter’s Innovative SUPERMAX provide an amalgam of benefits usually the conventional shell & tube type Heat Exchangers and Plate heat exchangers deliver. SUPERMAX can be designed for pressures/temperatures up to 70 barg/ 537°C, respectively.

The SUPERMAX can be configured to provide true countercurrent or co-current flow and is also designed with different diameters of circular plates depending upon the flow and heat transfer requirements.

Horizontal orientation makes the SUPERMAX an excellent choice for condenser/evaporator/boiling applications.

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