SACOME designs pasteurizer for a pilot plant

SACOME has designed and manufactured a pasteurizer for a pilot plant intended for the processing of different dairy products. The pilot plant is located in Portugal. The French engineering company requested to design a pasteurizer with a high percentage of energy recovery. In addition, the versatility of this pasteurizer was a key point. Therefore, the pasteurizer is capable of processing different flow rates of dairy products with very different rheological properties, for example, skim milk or whey. 
The pasteurizer heats the product from 10 °C to 140 °C and subsequently lowers it again to 20 °C. All this with energy recovery of more than 65%.
Due to the risk of burns — since the pasteurizer works at very high temperatures — a completely closed frame has been manufactured including removable doors with 40 mm mineral wool insulation.
Taking into account the low process flow, it has supplied the smallest of its tubular heat exchangers within its Sanitary Line; it is referring to the S-TF20-I heat exchanger.
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