SACOME’s heat exchangers for the vegetable oil sector

The main characteristic of SACOME is its custom designs for each project based on the needs of its clients. This adaptation is not only limited to the thermal design of the equipment, but also to customer requirements in terms of mechanical calculations. In this sense, at SACOME it has various mechanical calculation software (for example, PV Elite). Therefore, it is able to carry out these calculations according to different design codes, such as AD 2000 Merkblatt, ASME VIII Div 1, PD 5500, among others. In the same way, it can perform calculations for Finite Elements Analysis (FEA). Furthermore, at SACOME it collaborates with other external companies specialized in mechanical calculations to solve those cases that it cannot calculate by on its own means. 
Continuing with the abovementioned, SACOME has recently been commissioned for the thermal design, mechanical design and manufacturing of two heat exchangers for the vegetable oil sector. The heat exchangers it has selected for this project are the I-TFMP-I Multi-pass Heat Exchanger and the I-TFM-I Multitube Heat Exchanger, both shell and tube heat exchangers from its Industrial Line.
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