SECO/WARWICK excels in Vortex and CAB solutions

Aluminium heat treatment and aluminium brazing under controlled atmosphere (CAB) are two areas of expertise that SECO/WARWICK Group excels in. These are also the processes most often selected by the automotive industry in 2019.

These two SECO/WARWICK solutions, Vortex® furnace for annealing aluminium coil and CAB technology for brazing battery coolers for electric cars, were selected by global manufacturers working in one of the most demanding industries: transportation.

The flagship product from the group designed for this segment is the Vortex® annealing furnace equipped with a cooling chamber, intended for annealing aluminium coils. This patented technology was purchased by manufacturers looking for alternative systems that perform more economically than competing lines. Depending on the requirements, SECO/WARIWCK offers single-coil furnaces and multi-zone furnaces with precise temperature control over zones.

SECO/WARWICK has been playing a key role in the development and introduction of innovations to its CAB systems and because of that commitment, the company can be credited with significant contributions for advancing the automotive and aluminium industries. SECO/WARWICK is acknowledged for developing the CAB brazing technology and remains one of its most experienced suppliers worldwide.

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