Tempco host a contribution from Robur

Tempco host a contribution from Robur, specialized in heating and cooling systems with low carbon footprint. It is about absorption chillers with energy recovery from high-temperature waste heat in industrial processes.

Thermal energy is a very common presence in industrial production. Heat is indeed required in a number of production processes in industries such as food, industrial, textile, glass and ceramic industry, chemical, oil & gas, and metallurgy.

Many among these industrial processes involve waste materials, and thermal energy is one that gets often lost at the end of the process. This is usually referred to as waste heat, and it can be present in several forms: fumes coming from furnaces combustion, or from internal combustion engines, turbine’s or cogenerators exhausts, steam coming from heat treatment plants or from drying tasks.

Within these same production processes, a cooling system is then often required, also employing thermal energy but with a negative value, meaning a need for thermal cooling.

All these cases are suitable for the application of equipment that enable to employ that same waste heat to obtain chilling power, without further expenses in terms of primary energy consumes, by mean of heat recovery of the waste energy.

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