Temporary method for the aging of heat exchanger gasket

Temporary treatment method for the aging of plate heat exchanger gasket: The softening of the elastic gasket is related to pressure and temperature. When the gasket loses elasticity, the plate heat exchanger will leak. In some products, in order to solve the dripping phenomenon caused by the aging of the gasket, the sealing performance adjustment of the heat exchanger is allowed, that is, the bolts of the combined plate heat exchanger are tightened again, and the elastic gasket between the heat exchangers is adjusted. The pressing force solves the problem of dripping.

For new plate heat exchanger sets, a small allowable stress should be used for the joint fixation. Depending on the number of plate heat exchanger plates, the tightening force of the plate heat exchanger can be adjusted one or more times. When tightening, the nut can be screwed in 3 mm and the stress of the adjusting piece is always paid during the tightening process. Moreover, only the heat exchanger without working pressure is allowed to adjust the tightening force at room temperature to prevent dripping.

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