The compact aluminum bar and plate heat exchanger

The aluminum bar and plate heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency when it is operated, and the boundary layer is continuously broken due to the disturbance of the fluid by the fin during use, thereby having a large heat transfer coefficient, and at the same time, due to the partition plate and the fin Very thin, with high thermal conductivity, so that plate-fin heat exchangers can achieve high efficiency.

The aluminum bar and plate heat exchanger is compact, and its plate-fin heat exchanger has an extended secondary surface, which makes it have a specific surface area of 1000 m2/m3. Lightweight, the reason is compact and mostly made of aluminum alloy, and now steel, copper, composite materials, etc. have also been mass-produced.

The aluminum bar and plate heat exchanger has strong adaptability. The plate-fin heat exchanger can be applied to gas-gas, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, heat exchange between various fluids and phase of occurrence of collective change. Industrially, it can be shaped and mass-produced to reduce costs, and the interchangeability can be expanded by building blocks.

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