Tokamak announces ST80-HTS advanced prototype

Tokamak Energy announced plans for its advanced prototype, ST80-HTS, which will be the world’s first high-field spherical tokamak using high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets, at scale. ST80-HTS will demonstrate multiple advanced technologies required for the delivery of commercial fusion energy. With build completion planned in 2026, it will also demonstrate the key operating advantages of the spherical tokamak and inform the design of the ST-E1 fusion pilot plant. This in turn, will demonstrate the capability to deliver electricity into the grid in the early 2030s, producing up to 200 MW of net electrical power. ST80-HTS will achieve higher sustained triple product (nT𝝉E) than any previous fusion device, approaching the level required for commercial fusion energy. Triple product is a widely recognised fusion industry measure of plasma density, temperature and confinement, collectively a key measure of progress on the path to realising commercial fusion.

In addition, ST80-HTS will push the boundaries of fusion conditions in a compact spherical tokamak, with long pulse (~15 minute) control of the plasma. ST80-HTS will target the significantly longer pulse durations that are needed for sustained high power output in commercially competitive fusion power plants.

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