VPR and XRG to halve NOx emissions via Xceed system

VPR Energy and XRG Technologies deploy new technology to halve NOx emissions from VPR’s European refinery.

XRG Technologies installed its proprietary Xceed system at VPR Energy’s Rotterdam plant. This resulted in a drop of NOx emissions by 50%.

VPR Energy is wholly owned by Vitol. The upgrade comes as part of Vitol’s ongoing investment to ensure its portfolio maximizes efficiencies and minimizes environmental impacts.

Typically, when plants attempt to remove emissions such as NOx, it often impairs the flame quality and lowers firebox efficiency. Similarly, any attempt to improve efficiency and curb CO2 typically results in higher NOx emissions. XRG’s Xceed dispersed combustion system enables the plant to decrease NOx emissions, while still improving operational reliability and increasing heater efficiency which also reduces CO2 emissions.

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