VTS launches hexagonal counterflow recuperators

VTS is launching a high-performance, compact heat recovery module based on a hexagonal counterflow exchanger. The new solution has been named the HEX module. 
The HEX module has been designed for: WS021c-WS150c compact air handling units, as their integral component; and VVS021-VVS150 modular air handling units, as a heat recovery section replacing the hexagonal exchangers (in AHUs sized VVS021 to VVS040), and Premium Plus cross-flow exchangers (in all other AHUs) used previously.
The solution will be available with aluminum (AL) and HIPS (high impact polystyrene) exchangers, just as it is the case in suspended air handling units. The AL version will be launched first, followed by HIPS.
The newly designed HEX module is characterized by high heat recovery efficiency and low air stream resistance, which significantly improves the competitiveness of the VTS offer. The design of the HEX module guarantees a high degree of airtightness between supply and exhaust paths.
The HEX module is available in the cross-flow counterflow configuration with a bottom-mounted supply air outlet.
With its fan sections installed, the HEX module serves as the unit base of the compact air handling unit that may be optionally expanded by additional functional modules (heaters, coolers, etc.). All elements of the compact air handling unit are encased within sandwich panels comprising two layers of sheet metal with inner lining made of mineral wool. The complete product, together with the selection program, is certified by Eurovent.
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