Waste Management Center in Vinča commences operation

A 103 MW waste-to-energy facility at the Waste Management Center in Vinča has officially started operating in July. The company is rehabilitating the old landfill and building a new one in Vinča, near Serbia’s capital Belgrade.

According to the firm, it utilized a non-recourse credit facility provided by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Development Bank of Austria (OeEB) and built various new facilities including and energy-from-waste system, intended to provide municipal services of waste management, treatment, recovery and disposal.

Recovering green electric and thermal energy by treating up to 340,000 tons per year (43,6 tons per hour) of material will enable supplying electricity to 5% and heat to 10% of households in Belgrade.

Beo Čista Energija stressed that waste treatment would substantially reduce waste landfilling. Coupled with the collection and treatment of all leachate from the landfills, and recovery of construction materials from construction and demolition waste, it will contribute to tangible improvement of the environmental conditions in Belgrade and the reduction of emissions in the amount of 210,000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.

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