Watlow unveils POWERSAFE™ medium voltage thermal system

Watlow® announced the launch of its new POWERSAFE™ medium voltage thermal system, which is a fully integrated heating and control solution that is a safe, reliable and clean replacement for fossil fuel alternatives in process equipment. The POWERSAFE system integrates an electric heat exchanger, process controller and power system, as well as an isolated low voltage enclosure including an HMI and PLC. It also incorporates a flexible combination of a SCR and contactor circuits up to 20 megawatts delivering high-efficiency power greater than 99%, which reduces the overall size and weight of the power controller solution. The system operates safely and reliably up to 4160 volts eliminating the need for costly step-down transformers. It operates at a low current allowing for up to a 90% reduction in cable costs.

The system offers other safety benefits as well such as a high-speed protective relay and breaker for rapid shut down to protect personnel and equipment and safety interlocks for protection during operation.