Webinar by Nathan Hill on 22nd May 2019

Webinar on “Advanced Software Tools to Capture Heat Exchanger Cost Savings” will be held on Wednesday 22nd May 2019, by Nathan Hill (Thermal Engineer, CALGAVIN).

This webinar will focus on the use of the HTRI Xchanger Suite® software package to assist in the thermal design of a heat exchanger. Then, use HTRI’s Exchanger Optimizer™ package to estimate the purchase, installation and operating costs of the resulting heat exchanger designs and evaluate the cost benefits between the enhanced and non-enhanced designs.

Although heat transfer enhancement technologies are well-established in the process industry, many opportunities to reduce heat exchanger capital and operating costs are not being exploited. Significant savings may be available but may only be investigated if they can be reliably quantified early enough in the plant design cycle.

In order to capture the available savings, the heat exchanger designer requires software tools which allow reliable models of enhanced heat exchangers to be constructed in the early stages of equipment design. Furthermore, rigorous cost comparison tools are required to quantify the life-cycle cost benefits arising from the use of enhancement techniques.

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