Zemmouri welcomes Bonnell to Terrao’s production site

Jaouad Zemmouri, Moroccan scientist and President of the StarkLab industrial innovation company in France, welcomed Bruno Bonnell, the leader of the France 2030 plan, to the production site of StarkLab’s heat exchange technology Terrao Terrao is a project created by StarkLab to manage the atmosphere of industrial areas and prevent deadly overheating. While presenting this project to Bonnell, Zemmouri detailed Terrao’s activities for energy transition and smoke and air pollution management.

Bonnell expressed his interest in this impactful project to recover fatal heat from aquatic centers, gas boilers, biomass boilers and industrial fumes.

According to Terrao, the aim of this visit was to assist the group’s commitment to industry and communities through meeting the 2030 energy transition goals.

In addition, Zemmouri explained that Terrao’s main purpose is “to provide a smoke treatment system that combines the functionality of an industrial scrubber with a high-performance heat exchanger.”

This project provides a solution for the treatment and disinfection of air in confined spaces, which are increasingly suspected of being the cause of the appearance of [COVID-19] clusters.

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