90% of BHE production in the United States

Currently, 90% of the most popular brazed heat exchangers (BHE) will be produced in the United States, where customers will benefit from faster service and order fulfillment.

Brazed heat exchanger customers can expect enhanced benefits including (i) A very stable supply of brazed heat exchangers; (ii) Better lead times and on-time deliveries; (iii) Flexibility in logistics; (iv) Quick response-time for urgent demands; and (v) Superior product quality.

The Richmond facility also features substantial production capabilities including (i) Gasketed plate heat exchangers (GPHE); (ii) Compabloc welded heat exchangers; (iii) Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps; (iv) Single-seat and mixproof valves; and (v) Plate heat exchanger service center.

This facility is one part of Alfa Laval’s extensive investment in the United States, which includes a spiral heat exchanger production facility in Broken Arrow, Okla., and a facility in Greenwood, Ind., that features an automated distribution center, state-of-the-art product service, and advanced separation technology expertise and support.

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