Aalborg CSP handsover CO2 heat pump system to Solrød

Aalborg CSP has commissioned another heat pump order. The 1.2 MW air-to-water CO2 heat pump system was handed over to the client, Solrød Fjernvarme.

Solrød Fjernvarme’s newly commissioned heat pump thus contributes to ensuring sufficient heating capacity to supply both current and future district heating customers.

The order for Solrød Fjernvarme is a turnkey EPC contract consisting of a 1.2 MW CO2 heat pump, expansion of the existing technical building, and integration with the existing system, which includes a 2,569 m2 solar heating plant and a 1,250 m3 hot water accumulation tank.

The integrated heat pump system uses outdoor air as the source for heat production and ensures a more flexible energy supply.

The district heating sector is an important part of the Danish commitment of a 70% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In Denmark, 66% of all households are connected to district heating networks and the sector is aiming at being 100% fossil-fuel free by 2030. Most district heating plants are already well on their way to becoming fossil-fuel free, combining multiple renewable solutions, such as solar thermal, heat pumps, and thermal heat storage.

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