EU to support a cluster of hydrogen projects

Austria, Germany and Italy have pressed the European Union to support a cluster of infrastructure projects to transport green hydrogen imported from North Africa, as part of efforts to build a market in Europe for the low-carbon fuel.

Europe is attempting to scale up its production and imports of renewable hydrogen a fuel manufactured using renewable electricity.

The projects seeking support include Gas Connect Austria’s planned hydrogen pipeline between Germany, Austria and Slovakia. Another proposal would convert a gas pipeline majority owned by Snam, running from Italy through Austria to Slovakia, to carry hydrogen instead.

The proposed infrastructure would connect European hydrogen demand hubs such as factories — to renewable hydrogen imports from North Africa, and contribute to building a European hydrogen network, the letter said.

The EU wants to produce 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen and import another 10 million by 2030.

Other hydrogen projects are planned for southern Europe. A proposed “BarMar” pipeline would from 2030 transit low-carbon hydrogen between Spain and France, aiming to carry 2 million tonnes a year.

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