Aalborg supply header-coil heat exchanger for Kyoto

Cleantech developer Aalborg CSP will supply its header-coil heat exchanger for steam generation and molten salt circulation system for the Kyoto Group project for a thermal energy storage to be established at Aalborg Forsyning’s green test center at the Danish city of Aalborg. Kyoto Group and Aalborg CSP will work on their Danish HeatCube system, aiming at storing excess green electricity in a thermal battery with molten salt (PTXSALT), and generating steam when energy is needed in terms of district heating for the city.

Rather than demolishing all coal-fired power plants in both Europe and globally over the next decades, Aalborg CSP expects a trend for the coming years with conversions of existing coal-fired plants into being profitable producers of green and sustainable energy streams such as electricity and heat as products.

For Kyoto Group, the project developer and owner of the PTXSALT thermal energy battery plant, this is their first commercial project using the modular HeatCube technology. The HeatCube technology is said to be a scalable PTXSALT storage solution that can support the transition towards a green and sustainable energy sector.

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