Toray develops advanced total heat exchange sheets

Toray Industries, Inc., announced that it has developed a heat exchange sheet that delivers advanced heat transfer, moisture permeability, gas shielding, and water and anti-viral resistance performance. This new offering could significantly enhance the energy savings, comfort, and ventilation hygiene of total heat exchange ventilation systems. The company aims to commercialize this sheet in 2022 for elements in total heat exchange ventilation systems, for which demand is rising in view of intensifying measures worldwide to combat COVID-19 infections.

Generally, heat exchange sheets employ paper membranes. However, it was difficult to completely shield gas with porous paper, as well as to clean and remove dirt accumulating on elements after long-term use.

Toray responded to this situation by creating a new heat exchange sheet comprising a unique thin porous film laminated with a functional resin layer that only lets humidity through. The sheet has excellent heat transfer properties.

Used in total heat exchange systems, the sheet delivers a total heat exchange efficiency of at least 80% and an effective ventilation rate of 99% or more. These results are from a Toray assessment in accordance with JIS B8628, with an air volume of 150 cubic meters per hour.

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