ABB deliver shaft generator system for Northern Lights

ABB has been selected to deliver the shaft generator system with permanent magnet technology for the first dedicated CO2-storage vessels ever to be built. The vessels will be constructed by the Chinese shipbuilder Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC). Due for delivery in 2024, the two vessels will support the Northern Lights carbon capture and storage (CCS) project by transporting greenhouse gas from industrial emitters to an onshore terminal in Øygarden, Norway.

ABB’s permanent magnet shaft generator system will increase the fuel efficiency of these vessels, reducing emissions as a result. ABB’s permanent magnet shaft generator system further supports the project’s ethos by offering enhanced vessel fuel economy and reduced emissions.

ABB’s permanent magnet shaft generator system is driven by the main engine, enabling increased efficiencies for vessels with fewer or smaller gensets and minimizing both capital and operating costs.

ABB’s scope of supply also covers full engineering and commissioning services. In addition, the vessels will have access to the ABB Ability™ Marine Remote Diagnostic System for continuous equipment monitoring, optimized machinery and planned-maintenance activities, and reduced maintenance costs.

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